About 4-Leg Fundraising

4-Leg Photo Contest is managed by the 4-Leg Franchise group that has raised over 1 million dollars for Animal Organizations since 2019.  Prior to that, their fundraising Platform was utilized by large non-profits (Food Bank, St Vincent De Paul, Jet Awards, and others) to promote and fulfill financial transactions for Events and Campaigns.  It is still utilized today.  We are also are advocates of Pets and their owners as well as those in the process of looking for their forever home.  Our Franchise group includes 4-Leg Fund, 4-Leg Treats and 4-Leg Photo Contest.

10+ Years of Fundraising Experience

The 4-Leg Team has provided our Fundraising Platform to 501C3’s for over 10 years.  The 4-Leg Franchise is a technology driven group who design, build and implement Fundraising tools to support their Platform.  4-Leg works with Animal Welfare groups across the United States being an integral partner to their fundraising efforts.  Our mission is help groups realize their fundraising potential and meet the financial goals necessary to support their own Mission.

We Provide the Prizes

4-Leg Treats will be the provider of the Prize packages and responsible for shipping out to the winners.  Our Prizes feature our USDA, Nebraska Beef Jerky of Liver, Lung and Spleen.  They are high in protein with a complete nutritional protein profile sure to promote good health in your Pet.  4-Leg will pay out to 5 places and create custom labels with the winners pet picture on them.  We will also add a ‘surprise’ gift in each winners box which will be sent at the end of the Fundraiser.

No Fees Ever

4-Leg will create the custom site, graphics, content and reporting to the Organization.  All sites and Branding will be approved by the Organization with the ability to change as they see fit.  4-Leg provides the Prizes and ships them out and also pays the percentage points for the Credit Card Transactions.  The remaining 29 cents will be added to their vote total to cover the processor per transactions cost. No fees will ever be assigned to the Organization.

Custom Built Contest Platform

All of our Platforms, sites, and technology stack is owned and operated by the 4-Leg Team.  The Pet Photo Contest is the latest of 4-Leg’s offerings with proprietary software designed with the Photo Contest processes and objectives in mind.  Because of this, we can address any issues fully and immediately.